What You Will Learn On A Professional Makeup Course

The contents of your chosen professional makeup course is of the utmost importance, as it will influence your initial teachings and set the tone for your self establishment as a professional makeup artist. Fingertips & Beauty’s range of exceptional courses are led by industry leading professionals, in all aspects of beauty therapy - the following are some of the components you will be taught on our prestigious makeup training course.

Skin Analysis

Before applying professional makeup to your client, it is considerably important to determine their unique requirements through the analysis of their skin. Medical conditions, textures and tendencies of the skin, such as becoming oily or dying out, will all influence the specific products and application tools you will use throughout your session. Upon enrolling on a professional makeup course, you will be taught the ways in which you can amplify the appearance of a face with makeup; whilst simultaneously incorporating consideration for their unique skin. Ultimately, this aspect of your course will be proven crucial in enabling products to both last longer, and look better.

Colour Theory

Enabling us to correct undesired colours present in an individual's skin, colour theory is the process of using opposing colours to that of red, inflamed areas for example. A professional makeup course will detail to you the appropriate opposing colours to combat common skin flaws such as red skin and darkened under eyes.

How to use Application Tools

In addition to the makeup products themselves, application tools are of a similarly considerable importance. Your professional makeup course will detail the ways in which you should use brushes, sponges and various other tools to achieve the most sleek and glamorous of looks; in addition to debunking the myths of makeup application.

Makeup Looks - Natural, Glam and Bridal

In an industry of untamed diversity and courageous makeup masterpieces, it is of the utmost importance that new coming artists are able to create the three most vital variations of looks: Natural, Glam and Bridal. Your professional makeup course will detail and demonstrate the ways in which subtle differences in application can transform a look from natural to fierce glam. Mastering the holy trinity of makeup will encourage you to take on additional looks, soon enabling you to feel both confident and capable in working with an array of esteemed clientele, bringing to life their wildest creations.

Health and Safety

When working with clientele across any professional industry, it is of vital importance that individuals are trained in all relevant aspects of health and safety. A professional makeup artistry course will detail you in workplace hygiene and potentials such as clients having adverse reactions to any products.

The Fingertips & Beauty Professional Makeup Course is an incredible way to establish yourself as a makeup professional and to begin your career in a fiercely competitive industry. In addition to our professional make up artist courses, Fingertips and Beauty is proud to offer an extensive range of courses ideal for personal development within the beauty industry. Should you wish to enquire further regarding the enrollment onto any course, simply enquire with the team today.

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