How To Give the Best Waxing Treatment - Waxing Course Tips

Are you looking to expand the list of services your beauty salon has to offer its clientele? If this is the case, look no further than a waxing course from Fingertips and Beauty - a fantastic treatment embraced by all! Spring has just started, and Summer is just around the corner, so demand for waxing will go through the roof! For this reason, Fingertips & Beauty are on hand to teach you the best waxing techniques and tips to fulfil your personal or salon goals.

What Waxing Treatments Should You Offer?

The most common waxing treatments to offer include half or full legs, the bikini line, eyebrows, and underarms. By adding this extensive range of treatments to your salons services, you will be sure to gain a considerably larger amount of clientele all year round!

How to Prepare your Client

When your client books in for their waxing treatment, inform them not to use any creams or lotions in the area! Also, if you are providing facial waxing, please note that any makeup or lotions on your face can get in the way of creating that perfect brow shape and the quality of the result.

Regarding what to suggest they wear for their treatment, they should opt for cotton underwear, as they are less irritating and a more breathable fabric, which adds to the comfort (tight-fitting trousers or jeans are a no-go as well). Before their waxing treatment, you need to be transparent and open with your client and ask if they have any allergies and disclose what medications they are taking, like retinoic acid, as it can thin the skin and cause damage when waxing!

Sanitary Practice

If you work or own a beauty salon, you must take pride in your cleanliness and provide sanitary professional waxing treatments. One way to do this is not to reuse waxing strips as this is unsanitary and can spread nasty bacteria, leading to an infection and considerably disguted clients!

Grow It Out!

Your client’s hair should be grown ¼ to ¾ inches long to provide the best wax results, but don’t worry if it is too long as you can shorten it! One technique to tell your clients to shorten their hair is to carefully trim it with clean eyebrow scissors. The correct hair length is crucial to result in excellent hair removal because you will be able to remove the root altogether.

Which Wax Should You Use

There are various different types of wax to use in a salon; including sugar wax, hot wax and warm wax. In recent years sugar wax, which is also known as ‘sugaring’, is a paste that consists of sugar, lemon, and water - a solution which is more environmentally friendly than other types of wax.

Hot wax is excellent for clients with thicker hairs, as it sets around the hair and provides a better grip than warm wax. However, warm wax sticks to the skin and the hairs, gently removing the top layer of the skin, leaving silky smooth hairless skin.

Each type of wax requires the use of different techniques, so to learn the most professional techniques to provide the best results, enrol onto one of Fingertips & Beauty’s extensive range of training courses! These can propel you into a life of success as an independent beauty trained therapist. Should you wish to find out more about enrolling on one of our courses, be sure to visit the Fingertips and Beauty website today - the team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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