How Beauty Therapists have a flexible career

With the prettiest pedicures, killer clients, and stylish salons, Beauty Therapists seem to have it all. Fingertips and Beauty want to talk more about the freedoms of those working within this glamorous industry and the flexibility which enables and empowers therapists to do just about anything. The following factors all comprise the flexibility of working as a beautician. Will they be enough to entice you into such a luscious line of work?

Beauticians are always in high demand - choose your clients and appointments!

As fashions fluctuate and trends evolve, one thing is for certain; everyone longs for the best of all beauticians to be by their side, on hand to administer their treatments. Your diversity in clientele will challenge your overall flexibility, as each customer will be working within their own schedule - morning, afternoon (lunch break), or evening. Somebody is sure to fill your desired calendar slot. Offering an array of treatments will also encourage your flexible schedule as you will be able to see to particular clients swiftly when they request a quick treatment - enabling you to cash in quick on your service and customer satisfaction, then continue with your day!

Personal development opportunities - you’re the boss!

Working within such a glamorous and on-trend industry enriches you with an abundance of opportunities to further develop yourself and go on to establish your own empire. Becoming the owner of a salon or the director of a company will demand flexibility when it comes to appointment times and the specific services a client wants - you will have to choose how you work! Additionally, working within the world of hair, nails, fillers, and facial treatments has the prospect of presenting to you some A-list clientele; one manicure could be the equivalent of a hard and long day’s work, you can spend the rest of your day doing what you like - now how is that for flexibility?

Offering diverse services

Beauty therapists equipped with impressive portfolios and extensive expertise in their line of work are blessed with freedom and flexibility through the services that they offer. Mastering the art of aesthetics is a sure way to guarantee your appointment books are full all year round; as trends change and particular contours inflate or become more chiseled, you are sure to be someone in hot demand. Career flexibility will become most evident upon the seasonality of services; it is entirely your choice to make as to whether you partake in blessing individuals with your bespoke bridal creations or festively decorating the faces of those eager to attend the end of year holiday parties.

Working within an ever-evolving industry is a sure way to guarantee you will never be bored in your role. Whether you are a mobile beauty practitioner or an in-house salon therapist, you will have exceeding amounts of freedom compared to those working within other roles. With the prospect of seemingly endless opportunities presenting themselves to you throughout the entirety of your career and the choice of appointment types and servicing you will carry out, there is rarely a working role quite as flexible as beauty therapy. Should you wish to enquire further about establishing yourself under such an innovative industry, start with our beauty school in London. For more information, contact the Fingertips & Beauty team today!

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