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Study Now..Pay Later!

Payl8r is a simple payment option that enables you to buy the goods and services you require now and spread the cost over a time period to suit you!


You can repay in full within 30 days at 0% interest or choose an installment plan to repay on a monthly basis. You can change your installment plan at any time.
Interest rates from 1% - remember, if you pay in full in the first month, your loan is INTEREST FREE!


The Payl8r link will be emailed to you straight from the Fingertips. Choose your payment plan and you will receive an answer within minutes.

Will I qualify?

To qualify you must have:

-No CCJs within the last 3 years

-No accounts in default

-Be a UK resident

-Have online banking

-Have a regular source of income

Finance is subject to your ability to repay the loan.


How do we assess your affordability?

If you fail a traditional credit check, rather than rejecting your application we may give you the option to submit your affordability instead by supplying an electronic 90-day bank statement.


How It Works...   

-Contact Fingertips

-Receive payment link direct to your email address or mobile device

-Choose plan and apply!


Why use Payl8r?

Apply without effecting your credit. Credit checks are "soft searches" and will not affect your credit.

payl8r png.png
payl8r png.png

Thanks for your application!


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