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VTCT Level 2 + Level 3 + Level 4

Course Price


*Please contact us directly to confirm a start date for each course. 

Our tailor made Level 2/3/4 qualification takes the best subjects of each level and incorporates them together to provide you with a heavy-weight qualification that you can use to enter the beauty industry, up your current skills or start your own business as a beauty therapist.

You will learn basic eye treatments such as and including eyebrow and eyelash tinting, shaping and temporary eyelash extensions application for occasion or evening looks as well as progressing onto semi-permanent single individual eyelash extensions. During Level 3 Individual Eyelash Extensions you will cover the anatomy of the eye and its related structures, how to select the correct lash based on your client’s natural lashes and how to create various designs to enhance a variety of eye shapes so that you can deliver a safe, effective and individual treatment to each of your clients.

During the Microblading course you will learn how to create natural looking eyebrows and enhance current features using hair stroke techniques and shading techniques either isolated or combined to add independence to each treatment.

VTCT Level 4 Microblading includes the following units:
-Health and safety in the salon
-Client care and consultation
-Enhance appearance using Microblading techniques
-Anatomy and physiology for Microblading techniques
-Eyebrow Shaping Services

During the Micropigmentation course you will learn how to create fuller looking lips, apply lip liner and lipstick look coverage, eyeliner styles including soft powder, eyelash enhancement effect and upper and lower lid eyeliner styles as well as powder and ombre brows for a more dense effect than Microblading.

This course covers the following:
-Level 2 Eye Treatments (tinting, shaping, flare and strip eyelash extensions)
-Level 3 Single Eyelash Extensions (individual eyelashes)
-Level 4 Microblading (enhancement of eyebrows)
-Level 4 Micropigmentation (enhancement of eyebrows, lips and eyeliner)

The beauty school, London that has all the courses for you!


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