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VTCT Level 3 Body Massage (includes Anatomy & Physiology)

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About the course

Body massage is a traditional treatment used for relaxation, pain relief, posture improvement and more.

This course offers a Level 3 qualification in Body Massage. You will cover the skills involved in providing head and body massage treatments, the course covers manual massage of the head and body as well as mechanical body massage techniques. The ability to adapt massage techniques to suit individual client needs such as improved muscle tone, posture etc. is a crucial skill developed on this course with a thorough theoretical foundation covered on the history of massage, contra-indications and contra-actions to massage, different massage techniques incorporated into the routine to suit different conditions and the relevant aftercare advice.

You will learn the different benefits and techniques of Massage using mostly oil as a medium, however you will also learn the traditional Massage medium of talc.

Upon completion of this course you will also receive a certificate in Anatomy & Physiology which can be used as a pre-requisite to other VTCT NVQ level 3 and level 4 courses.

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