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VTCT - Level 3 Electrical Facials Course

Course Price


*Please contact us directly to confirm a start date for each course. 

About the course

This course will enable learners to provide facial electrical treatments for clients, treating the face and neck. Learners will develop the knowledge and skills to prepare and maintain equipment and provide professional facial electrical treatments. Learners will also develop their understanding of the underlying facial structures.

You will cover different skin types and various electrical equipment and their uses such as;
-High frequency
-Lymphatic drainage equipment

The use of electrical facial electrical treatments has seen a huge rise in the beauty industry in recent times and this exposure has fuelled the development of advanced facial equipment.

Using electrical equipment during your facials can achieve accelerated results ranging from improved muscle tone, lightening of acne scarring, acne reduction, improvement of fine lines and wrinkles and more.
Each electro-therapy facial treatment is carried out for different benefits, however, the general reasons for a client wanting an electro-therapy treatment are as follows:
-To improve the appearance of the skin.
-To balance out problems of the skin.
-To deep cleanse the skin.
-To help improve muscle tone.
-To deep cleanse the skin
-To speed up cell renewal therefore helping to slow down the ageing

-To keep the skin soft, by removing dead skin cells.
-For relaxation and pampering.
-To encourage the client to look after their skin at home.

The course is designed to equip you with the theoretical and practical knowledge of the use of various electrical equipment widely used in the industry at present. Covering Faradic, Galvanic, High Frequency, Electro Muscle Stimulation and Micro-current for the face and body you will learn how to assess the skin and muscle condition and select a treatment package individually tailored to each of your clients.

You will be able to identify different ranges of skin types and conditions and understand when to use which equipment to encourage the desired result for your clients.

This course can be used as a pre-requisite to Level 4 subjects such as VTCT Level 4 Laser & IPL Treatments, VTCT Level 4 Microblading or VTCT Level 4 Micropigmentation.

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